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Summer Issue: March/April 2014 Issue

All About Dogs

A look into the lives of busy dogs in and out of the show ring in South Africa



























Features - March/April 2014

The Afghan

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Canine Cost of Living
Julian Shore takes a look at the costs of keeping a dog.



From Russian With Art
Irina Makoveeva and her beautiful etchings!



The Benefits of Therapy
Hydrotherapy and physical therapies can change your dog’s life around.



Healthy Dogs Are Worm-Free
The lowdown on worms and how to control them by Dr. Kurt de Cramer



Top Dog!
Top dog in 2013 - Danny with his owner Riekie Erwee


Carting with your Dog!



Healing Herbs
Grass – Dr. Jimmy Symmonds looks at how eating grass is beneficial to your pets.



Super sport for canine athletes!


Free Poster

Border Collie



Our 2013 Annual packed with info!

Dogs in Service of Man:
Search and Rescue, Therapy Dogs, Blood Donors, Guide Dogs...


Stolen Dogs


Dogdom in a Nutshell:

South Africa 2012

United States 2012

The Future - Junior Handlers


Dogsports - All about Fun with your Dog!

Agility, Flyball, Obedience, Carting, Working Trials...


Stolen Dogs


Health and Wellness:

Cancer - the Sensible Approach

Building Blocks - DNA - what it means to every dog and breeder.

Specialist Veterinarians - Everything you need to know.


From Puppies to Pensioners:

Raising Puppies, Effective Discipline, Golden Years


Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Showcasing South Africa's Top Show Dogs 2012


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Carting Awards

Stolen Dogs


Top Achievers in the Carting community being awarded!




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All About Dogs January/February 2014


Bob Martin Dentacare


In the Spotlight!

Follow your favorite showdog throughout the year!


Best in Show!

NAPC Top Puppy of the Year 2013
Tullamore Time To Shine
German Shorthair Pointer

(Owners : Tarr)


See more photos of the latest winners at shows..


Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA)

kusa - all about dogs

For queries about clubs, breeders and registered dogs contact the Kennel Union of Southern Africa